Jonny Blonde | Local Food

I’ve been dying to try Jonny Blonde ever since I spotted the truck driving down York Boulevard their first day out. So I was quite excited {and totally honoured} when they invited me down to review one of their homemade fire-grilled flat bread sandwiches.


I met up with this meaty food truck for a Supercrawl Saturday lunch. I arrived shortly after they opened shop and ordered The Greasy Blonde: “Hanson’s bacon (the best double smoked bacon money can buy), pesto mayo, alfalfa sprouts, fresh field greens (from Farmer Ted), heirloom tomato and parmesan cheese.” I opted for the flat bread because, well, go big or home, and because I ate my only s’more of the year the night before. {A little more gluten can’t hurt (much), right?}
the-greasy-blondeAnyway, this puppy is totally off the charts. It can only be described as holy-crap-a-moly delicious. Where do I even start?

The flat bread. It was amazing, soft, warm, seasoned delightfully and unlike any flat bread I have had before. Worth every bit of gluten in there.

The bacon was thick, savoury and cooked to that perfect spot in between chewy and almost crispy. Oooh…

The pesto mayo was divine. I had no idea I liked alfalfa sprouts so much. I love, love, love, fresh, local produce. And even Farmer Ted gets his street-cred. Cool.

fresh-local-greensReal, locally grown food that is mind-blowingly good. I like it. No, I loved it! I was SO FULL and beyond satisfied. Get your hands on a Blonde as soon as you can!

Here’s a picture Matt took of me stuffing my face:

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