Good Excuses…and A Crazy Idea

mind-fogFirst off, I have to apologize for my absence. I’ve kind of been M.I.A. online lately, for a variety of personal reasons. Despite my efforts, life wasn’t heading where I wanted it to. So I started making some BIG {and kind of sudden} changes in the first few days of January. I ditched Kitchener, bunked up with an old family friend and began looking for a new day job. I started milking about 90 cows on the weekends and found that I really, really enjoyed it. I started looking for apartments in Brantford and things began to fall into place. A full time position opened up at the farm, so I jumped on it. I moved into a lovely apartment last weekend and I’m just about settled. Things are really looking up and I cannot wait to get to back to shooting regularly. Spring will show her colours soon and I will be in my glory.

On another note, I had this really bizarre idea while driving home one day: I could just stop blogging.


Look, even Yolk knows it’s a crazy thought!

Yep. I could. But I won’t completely. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with it at this point. But I know I won’t have the time for food reviews and recipe testing on a regular basis. Which is okay. My time will be better spent on other things. I will still share photos of my favourite restaurant meals and the odd must-try recipe. I just won’t be spending hours planning and writing blog posts anymore.

I’d like to update my portfolio and start fresh with my photographic work, as I’ve recently done with my life. New food shots, dynamic portrait work and a bulk of artistic still lifes and landscapes are a must. So please bear with me while I sort out some shoots and finally make up my mind about this blog. I will be back shortly with fresh, new material!

P.S. I refused to post any photos of snow, so you get all farm-y pictures today. :)

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Yueh Tung | Toronto Restaurant

yueh-tung-menuWe made a last minute trip to Toronto for a late night dinner at Yueh Tung last week. My friend’s family has eaten there for years and she’s always going on about how good the food is. So we finally checked it out and she was so right!chinese-menusweet-and-sour-chicken-ballsWe shared a bunch of dishes between the group of us, so I just grabbed s few quick shots before everyone dove in. Sweet and sour chicken, beef chow mein, fried rice and spring rolls were among the foods we tried. The fried foods were golden and crispy, the meats were tender and juicy, and the sauces were so flavourful and savoury.beef-chow-meinChicken Soo Guy (lemon chicken) is my all time favourite Chinese fried food and theirs is off the charts! It’s certainly the best I’ve ever had and the sauce was so much more than the yellow sugar you typically expect.lemon-soo-guy

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Jack & Lois | Local Food

fresh-chips I was trying to decide where to have dinner before the exhibit last night. So I tweeted that I was considering Jack & Lois and a couple other spots around the city. They replied that the night’s dinner special had been named after me and I obviously had to head down there. We arrived at twenty-to-five, a little early for dinner and I didn’t see anything under the specials. So I inquired about this rumoured “Sarah” special and was promptly greeted and treated to a very special dish.  the-menuThe kind man asked me how I felt about “The Chancellor” and said he wanted to put a spin on it just for me! {I should have gotten his name, but I was completely in awe of the entire situation.} Of course I was in, and he said it would be called “The Sarah Danielle”!!!vintage-atmosphereAH! How cool is that?! We admired the whimsical decor and super-fun feel of the small James Street North restaurant while giggling our faces off about how spectacular this was, and nibbling on the tasty, fresh potato chips they provided.farmhouse-table the-view funky-floorDrum roll please… The Sarah Danielle:The-Chancellor-with-a-twist {eek!}The-Sarah-Danielle Tender, thick, juicy chicken cutlets in the best breading I’ve had in my life. It was seasoned just so and wasn’t even remotely greasy. This, I tell you, is chicken perfected! The abundance of asiago cheese melted into the Chef’s red sauce, creating a wonderfully harmonious flavour with the buttery mushrooms. All this, and nice crispy bacon, was loaded a top a soft, chewy bun that was lighted toasted with garlic.  amazing-peanut-butter-pieThen came dessert. I opted for the peanut butter pie, because I just cannot resist a peanut butter pie! But this was like no peanut butter pie before it. This stands alone, above any pie before it. The crust was thin, yet so crispy and rather sweet. The peanut butter center was cream cheese based, a delightful twist I didn’t see coming. It was nice and light, not heavy like many cheesecakes. There were candied peanuts in the rich, dark chocolate top. They were the perfect amount of salty and sweet to complete this brilliant creation! {Kudos to the pretty lady at the bar!}sarahThis is a meal I will be talking about for a long time. The experience itself is something to boast about, but the talented minds in the kitchen at Jack & Lois deserve a heap of credit. Definitely one for your MUST-TRY list!

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Water, Water Everywhere | Upcoming Exhibit

I really should have posted this once it was confirmed two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy that it must have slipped my mind. Anyway, I am super-excited to share that several of my waterscapes will be on display at B Town Sound in Burlington, alongside a variety of other water themed art curated by Amanda McIntyre-Lawson. It takes place this Thursday, February 6th, from 7 to 10pm. I will be there to do some meeting and greeting and I couldn’t be more excited. art-exhibitionIf you have a chance to stop by, I’d love to meet you!

(FREE ADMISSION & PARKING. See image above)

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